Apply for: Africa Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Lead

Are you community-driven? Are you currently enrolled in a computer science course or related engineering discipline at your university and would like to acquire industry-relevant technology skills? Are you looking for an opportunity to acquire software developer skills and work experience? Are you passionate about seeing other students succeed with technology?

If you answered “YES” to some or all of the above questions, then the Developer Students’ Club (DSC) program is for you. Apply HERE!

The Developer Student Clubs (DSC) program is a grass-root channel to provide mobile development skills to students, towards employability. The DSC program provides an opportunity for students enrolled in African universities to act as “agent of change” on their campus(es) – while acquiring relevant technical and business skills to solve local businesses’ problems.

Applications closes by: 7th May, 2018

8 Replies to “Apply for: Africa Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Lead”

  1. Please can I still apply? I would very much like to be part of this amazing opportunity, I’m currently a mechanical engineering student at the university of Port Harcourt.

  2. Its amazing what konverge media is bringing to my locality, I will be pleased if given the opportunity to be part of this global change.

  3. Will be glad if contacted, Computer/ maths first degree, Information technology its amazing what I witness in my domain in the ongoing digital training in schools. I really love to be part of this global change. THANKS

  4. Good day
    Are there new programs to come up, I will like to be informed via my email, so as to avoid late information.
    Thank you.
    Best Regard

  5. Please I need this. Sorry for coming late, cause I actually heard about it late. Presently studying Mass communication at Unilag.

  6. I would love to be a part of this growing network team. Is the application form still available and where to acquire it

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